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Since 2006, the complex light current STAKOHOME data distributor represents a fall value solution on the market that deals successfully with the issues of designing and terminating of data distribution in housing construction. The entire data distribution project is now given an effective and decent ending.

The STAKOHOME distributor is supplied as a complete solution, and the installer will receive it as a complete package that has only to be easily installed and connected.

Using less cabling and risers in common areas brings financial and space savings; in terms of the design, the solution is additionally very simple and universal. It allows you to connect any type of RJ45 keystone-mount data connector which is the most common type (e.g. 5e, 6, 6A category, optical connectors SC, LC, ST, etc.). You can also use any electrical distributors with DIN rails (TS-35) and maintain the same design with the power distributor.

Within the solution we supply single universal mounts on DIN rail for standard active components (switch, router, etc.).  It is no longer necessary to solve a complicated fastening of conventional active elements.

The installation and handling are very simple; the distributor can be walled in or wall-mounted. The STAKOHOME apartment (data) distributor is also equipped with a nameplate and a declaration of conformity is issued to it, including type tests carried out in a certified testing laboratory. It therefore complies with all the legal requirements for inspection technician and for the subsequent final approval.

Ready are any type solutions for apartments. The price is based on individual requirements.  We have ready type solutions for type 2 + kitchinette / 2 + 1, 3 + kitchinette / 3 + 1, 4 + kitchinette / 4 + 1 and more. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.

Here is the product datasheet for the whole project.


Labelling of light current (data) STAKOHOME apartment distribution boards (for better identification of the project).

We introduce labelling of light current (data) STAKOHOME apartment distribution boards due to nameplates and for better designing.  Developers have different variants (e.g. only one inlet from the provider, only single data outlets, etc.) that must be reflected.

Type designation:  STAKOHOME-BYTZZ-YX/XX(K)-(5,6)/A

ZZ- STAKOHOME patch panel model series: 02 – plastic patch panel
Y- Distribution board type:  N- on wall or Z- in wall
X – The number of rows DIN rail  in the distributor
XX – The number of ready connectors/keystones (K) with type designation (UTP / STP, CAT.5, 6 etc.)
A – Use of active element (if required by the investor.


Example: STAKOHOME-BYT02-Z3/09K-5UTP (i.e. three-row recessed distributor equipped with 2 the patch panel units STAKOHOME-PATCH02, fitted with 9 cat.5 keystone elements/connectors in the unshielded version.  The distributor type is always derived from the designed type of the power distributor in the apartment).

Part of the STAKOHOME solution can also be used in family homes where light current technologies are installed in plastic or metal cabinets.  For these applications, you can use a patch panel designed by our company. It can even be installed on a flat surface and takes up minimal space that is hence not missing for other technologies.

Here you can download the STAKOHOME-PATCH02 patch panel datasheet.
Installation manual to patch panel STAKOHOME-PATCH02-06.
llustration video (ENG) relating only to the patch panel STAKOHOME-PATCH02-06.


Fig. Patch panel STAKOHOME-PATCH02-06 unfitted, for 6 connectors

Benefits for end clients:

  • The client does not have to deal with additional assembly of low power distributor (not in his powers)
  • After the activation of the required service (Internet, telephone, television, IP TV) all is immediately available
  • Extension of the service choice (scope and quality) for the end client

Benefits for developers:

  • Saves space and cabling (in hallways and common areas of residential buildings)
  • The solution is versatile in the installation and use (conventional electrical distributors,  various connectors and various manufacturers can be used)
  • Added value to the apartment - more services (television/IP TV, Internet, telephone) for the client
  • Ability to solve a quality and stable service provider from the very beginning - you will avoid customer complaints (after they move)

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