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Data networks are nowadays a certain part of any modern home. Well resolved cable infrastructure is yet the basic, and its termination should be perfectly functional, elegant and easily accessible.

There's no other more elegant solution than simply having everything in one place. The STAKOHOME apartment (data) distributor is the only one of its kind on the Czech market, and perfectly solves the problem with the termination of data cabling in an electrical (power) distributor that would be subsequently easily accessible and maintainable.   It replaces any outdated installations of telephone networks, and offers the possibility of wiring for voice, data, Internet or television (IP-TV) transmission.  It also allows device sharing.  You will therefore suffice only one printer; the data can be stored on one server and your movies and music on a single repository accessible on any device, easily and available at all timesi.

The STAKOHOME (data) distributor is universal, and allows you to connect any type of RJ45 keystone-mount data connector which is the most common type (e.g. 5, 6, 6A category, optical connectors SC, LC, ST, etc.).   For the STAKOHOME solution, you can use any electrical distributors (Siemens, ABB, Hager, OEZ, Eaton, Schneider Electric, Legrand etc.) and maintain the same design with the power distributor.

As part of the solution we supply separate universal mounts on DIN rail for standard active components (switch, router, etc.); there is no need for complicated figuring out how to fasten a common active element.

The STAKOHOME (data) distributor is provided with a nameplate, and has been issued a declaration of conformity, including type tests conducted in a certified testing laboratory.  It thus complies with all the legal requirements for inspection technician and for the subsequent final approval.  The interior equipment of the distributor is variable, and can be selected according to the specific customer's requirement.

You will have your data network under perfect control without having to destroy the interior design with classic large and unsightly data distribution cabinets.

Advantages of the SH solution

  • Effective and cheap solution that saves both space and money
  • Easy installation and handling (it is supplied as a complete unit that is easily installed by any company dealing with light current)
  • Versatility - possibility to use different types of connectors from different manufacturers
  • Compatible with systems of data network manufacturers
  • Pre-designed type solutions based on the apartment size
  • The user has full control over the entire data network in their apartment (sharing documents, files, printers, etc.)
  • Solution tailor-made to customer's needs (individual composition of components)

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