Information for developers

It is not necessary to compromise on demands for a uniform design (with electric distributor), and on the space efficiency in homes where each saved location represents an advantage not only for the future owner, but even for the overall construction value.  The complex issue of data cabling termination and its integration into one place in apartments solves an inexpensive yet effective light current (data) STAKOHOME distributor

Using less cabling in common areas and risers; it brings financial and space savings; the solution is additionally very simple and universal. It allows freely choose the manufacturer of the data distribution; compatible are various types of data connectors with keystone fit which is the most common type (e.g. RJ45 data connectors - Category 5e, 6, 6A etc., optical connectors SC, LC, ST). You can also use any ordinary electrical distributors, and thus maintain the same design.

The STAKOHOME solution further excels in ease of installation and subsequent handling. It is provided with a nameplate and has been issued a declaration of conformity, including type tests in a certified testing laboratory. So it complies with all the legal requirements for inspection technician and for the subsequent final approval.

Ready are any type solutions for apartments. The price is based on individual requirements.  We have ready type solutions for type 2 + kitchinette / 2 + 1, 3 + kitchinette / 3 + 1, 4 + kitchinette / 4 + 1, and more.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us.

Advantages of the SH solution

  • Saves space and cabling (in hallways and common areas of residential buildings)
  • The solution is versatile in the installation and use (conventional electrical distributors, various connectors and various manufacturers can be used)
  • Added value to the apartment - more services for the client
  • Ability to solve a quality and stable service provider from the very beginning - you will avoid customer complaints (after they move)

Benefits for end clients

  • The client does not have to deal with additional assembly of low power distributor (not in his powers)
  • After the activation of the required service (Internet, telephone, television, IP-TV) all is immediately available
  • Extension of the service choice (scope and quality) for the end client

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