CENTRAL GROUP a.s. currently has more than one third of the market for new housing in Prague, and is the largest residential developer in the Czech Republic.  Since 1995, the company sold nearly 10,000 new apartments, houses and plots.

It specializes in the construction of high quality and luxury residential projects in attractive locations.  SAT-PO is today among the major players with a strong position in the market.

EKOSPOL a.s. is a leading Czech developer company that has been on the market for 20 years.  According to independent surveys, EKOSPOL is among the 4 most important companies in the field of housing according to the market share.

As a developer, they have built a few residential buildings in Prague (Akademia Zlicin projects).

T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. is a brand of Deutsche Telekom.  T-Mobile is one of the leading European providers of services and solutions in information and telecommunication technologies.  Leading Triple play services provider (Internet, voice, IP TV).  They recommend and use our solution of a home data distributor in their projects.

Skanska a.s. is engaged also in residential development, and offers a comprehensive set of services in the real estate sector.  These are mainly new projects in housing construction and subsequent sale through their estate agencies.

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